Thanks to everyone for ongoing conversations, invitations, resources and news from where where we are. Very heartening <3

Below is an email from Sustainable Haringey - an excellent community of food activists local to Furtherfield Gallery.

The linked document contains suggestions for growing produce at home, on windowsills, balconies, any small patches of earth we might have access to. I'm going to be giving it a go.

FW:Community food growing in the emergency
I hope you and your circle are well in the face of the virus threat.


I've been thinking about how important it is to grow food for ourselves and our communities in the current situation. Shops and supply chains will soon run out because food is not being grown in the usual quantities, given that; even in good times (normal labour situation and no spring drought) the UK produces only a minority share of what it eats; farmers elsewhere, especially in Italy and Spain, will have difficulty keeping to planting schedules and getting enough workers this summer. Prices will surely rocket. So I suspect a Cuban-style or Middlesborough-style movement to home-grow and make best use of community growing spaces will be badly needed.


Please see the attached notes, and circulate them if you think they are useful. Comments and additions welcome.  I have put the text on a google docs link which can be circulated to and accessed by anyone, you don't need a login or password: 


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