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News From Where We Are #1

Welcome to Furtherfield's new podcast - a cultural discussion grounded
in news from where we are.

When the lockdown hit the UK a couple of weeks ago we asked
contributors and lurkers on Furtherfield's Netbehavour email
discussion list how they were doing.

We received reports from every continent and this inspired us to
create this podcast. Some of them have record their reports for us too
and we will hear from them in a minute.

All of this reminded us that while we may be confined to our homes by
the Coronavirus emergency we still have access to thriving networked
cultures from around the world. So this podcast is a conversation with
many voices from the ground to explore how the
collaborative-imaginative fieldwork of artists, techies and activists
is informing how we organise, imagine and build solidarity, good
health and post-capitalist realities. Working together and supporting
others to do the same.

This new podcast includes your news from where you are, interviews,
reviews, readings to explore how people want to live in our
globally-connected world now.

It includes news from Helen Varley Jamieson, Rob Myers, Isabelle
Arvers, Tacira and Edward Picot; conversations between myself and
Cassie Thornton, and Ruth Catlow and Cade Diehm, an audio essay by
Jaya Klara Brekke, a review by Regine Debatty and a Poem by Jeremy

Sounds from Ouch Those Monkeys, Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter, Luke
Damrosch, Stewart Home.
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