In 2018, Ruth and Marc opened up VisitorStudio for anyone to record their mixes before it was finally mothballed. I was at the tail end of a writing project and managed to record only a few performances, which i am now slowly dubbing sound to picture.

This video, Distant Presences (2007), was an audio-visual radio performance by Ethernet Orchestra, featuring Neil Jenkins, Graziano Milano and Helen Varley-Jamieson mixing in Visitors Studio to our live tele-improvisation.

The program host, Brooke Olsen, took listeners through how they could access VisitorsStudio and watch the VJ mix, while listening to our performance on terrestrial radio, as well as the net broadcast. In turn, the musicians we were able to view the performance and respond to changes in the visual stream.

We had been pursuing the concept of radio you can watch with Furthernoise radio in Bristol, but expanded it here to live networked improvisation rather than a playlist.

It also reminded me of the innovative performances many of us here were doing, e.g., Dissension Convention, Month of Sundays. Particularly for a time in which low latency multi-directional networked audio was only just becoming possible. 

VisitorsStudio was so innovative for its time.

There’s a couple more mixes to dub sound on, and I will post them as I have time.

View and listen to Distant Presences


Roger Mills

Oceans between Sound, an album of online improvisation by Ethernet Orchestra, Pueblo Nuevo 2020

Author of Tele-Improvisation: Intercultural Interaction in the Online Global Music Jam Session. London: Springer 2019 <>

New chapter - Mills, R. (2020). Rhythm, Presence, and Agency: Defining Tele-Collaborative Space as a Site for Net Music Pedagogy. In Busch, T., Moormann, P. & Zielinski, W. (Eds.): Musical practices and virtual spaces, Munich: Kopaed (in process).

Lead researcher on Net Diaporas: Developing Cultural Practices through Internet Music Performance.  Iranian House of Music, Sydney.