* It’s both; from the beginning it was both - I can't ever see us going back to simply offline but online only would be hell...

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It’s both; from the beginning it was both - I can ever see us going back to simply offline but online only would be hell...

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dear all, dear Alan
I imagine all these circumstances we hear about are all different yes. You were "inside" for 13 days? Why?  Police keeping you from going outside, waiting with fine? as my Romanian friends tell me, 500 Euro per infraction? I can hardly believe. thankfully, we don't seem to have enough police here.
Again, I can speak from here, a small village, countryside, forests, valley, river. My balcony reformed as painting studio, lots of repair work still to be done (fallen trees after storms, broken branches strewn across); and studying spring, sound of returned bumble bees, what is blooming, what is already dead, what is in-between.

here's a fictionalized conversation i just had with a friend whom I will call A.

A.  Are you good at handling eccentricities?
J.  I'd hope so. The more real the better, those eccentrics.
A.  Where did you jog today?
J.  Chapel hill, forest, then a clearing. I met a black horse, surprisingly, and talked to him. Very interesting elegant animal, it made beautiful sounds.
A.  What did he say to you?
J.  I did not speak the language, I filmed him, then the owner showed up to feed the two horses on the pasture. He permitted the photographs and we had a good chat, his name is Kurt, he knows my brothers. He's an attorney with 2 horses.
A.  An attorney with 2 horses does sound different and yes..lovely.
J.  The sounds the black horse made were a kind of breathing out loudly through the nose. i do not know the english word
A. hmm
J.  Neighing?
A. Neighing would be the loud shrill shivering sound they make no?
J.  How interesting, no, the one he made was low, like after an orgasm, from the lower abdomen.
A. But I've heard these short heavy breathing sounds they make..I know what you mean...

this is what I meant


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I love that you write "nothing of importance happens online" and "everything is very real" and here we're inside now for 13 full days, tomorrow we can go out, but where? avoiding people, heading towards some construction a couple of blocks away maybe. There's something amazing about the flatness of it all, and that's helped the music, do listen if you can to the few I put up yesterday, tomorrow a piece with two shakuhachi playing maybe three tones mainly, could go on forever, we get to look down our street for maybe half a kilometer in each direction from the 4th floor window, we're as close to non-existence as possible...

Best, Alan

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dear all
i am trying to read but cannot quite concentrate, and thus give up. I thank those  of you send some great music (I loved Alan Sondheim's qifteli dirge , and perhaps we can also sometimes share some images, paintings? Thanks also for some of the videos. I think I sent you the link to my last Moon dance/film, but it was too long, Danielle Imara suggested.

Having started to read Daniel's longer post, I am relieved to report it is not so for me, at all:

[He writes]>>pandemic.....where we are faced to cope with just being online, where everything happens online>>

in fact the opposite is the case. everything is clearly observed, close, and far, in the countryside where i am (having left Houston and London, and crossed over the channel and the various new-old EU borders, back to the little Saarland), everything is very real, nothing of importance happens online.

with regards
Johannes Birringer
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