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p**l**e**a**s**e s**m**i**l**e o**n y**o**u**r n**e**i**g**h**b**o**u**r i**n t**h**e m**o**r**n**i**n**g

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I am greatly inspired by Michel's banner series.  If you missed the last one - see here. I imagine them posted on the front garden wall - is this right Michael?

I have also been enjoying the ad hoc posters in my neighbourhood with hearts and rainbow outpourings of gratitude to NHS and keyworkers.

I recently ripped an estate agent's "to let" sign from our front wall (in a classic pandemic trigger fury moment). And now I'm thinking about how we could use it to agitate and cheer our neighbours. But I'm also a bit paranoid about provoking fury and pitchfork mobs at our door.

The sign is 24" x 32" 

If you have ideas please send suggestions for messages, slogans and images that we could use to create our own front garden signs.

All suggestions welcome - from total absurdity, heartfelt grattitude, to fierce political statement.

We will then make a sign and install it and send you a pic - if we dare ; )

Thanks everyone for everything :)

Love and respect
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