Hi and thank you for this - what format should the film be in, what acceptable lengths, etc.? Any info greatly appreciated!

Best, Alan

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Isolation Inspiraton!

Exploding have moved the 9th May show from the Cinema Museum (closed for the duration) to the wonderful world of Online…

We will be hosting a show featuring films submitted to us by YOU the filmmaker. Show us what you can do, given a camera and hours and hours of time indoors, or else send us a film you made from way back before life turned into a bad dystopian Sci Fi novel.

Send films and entry requests to the usual email explodingcinema@hotmail.com . Tickets are free, but you’ll need a password to watch the show.

We’re going to have some fun with this… look for live streaming versions of: our psychedelic Visuals, Filmmaker Q&As, live performances and of course FILMS.

All pre-rendered to play perfectly on your device…

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