Quick note on brighter hopes, arrived from a poetry list I'm on.  Never knew of it till today:

Abraham Lincoln, by Abraham Lincoln, age nine 


Abraham Lincoln

his hand and pen 

he will be good but 

god knows When

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Subject: [NetBehaviour] Virus Diary Day 4: Brightside Politics
Virus Diary: Day 4, Day 44 of Isolation
Abu Dhabi

Deep in the night, time dissolves and what is important seems to materialize.
On a planet somewhere in a vast multiverse, the significance of things comes into place.
On the macro, the matter is small. At the micro- the setting is sublime.
Love is hard to see from a billion light years away; it might be a macroscopic issue, but from six centimeters away it seems to encompass the whole.
Seeing the sun, one wants to walk in it; seeing the fires from orbit, one wants to hold each other and the moment.
This is the brightside politic; the dancing of nurses and the hero's cheer as mortality is challenged; fighting for another day of silence, in breath, in space.
We need as many as can be found; Bravery is to stare forward and move into the moment.
What a magical thing it is to be alive. Period.
As Feynmann once said, it inconceivable to imagine the incredible nature of nature.
The Wheel of the Buddhists turns; the cosmic dance of star-stuff continues.
Trying to spin counterclockwise
Robbing the sphere of its angular momentum
Slowing its spin a tiny bit 
Lengthening the night, pushing back the day.
Giving me be a little more time with you. (re: xkcd)