Hello Alan, 

I'm David viey and i remember you from your passage in London and you presentation at furtherfield... I'm the french guy how sat there trying to stay quite.... I like your work with second life and have more questions about in the future... I usualy do the door at exploding cinema show.. my technical competences are not very good.
 To submit to EC, the film have to be less than 20min... But shorter is better..

  for the format, I'm not very good a that, we are using VLC player something like 700/something....

 I will say if you had something other than mp4. It will make it easier to re-render to our format....  We will boardcast through zoom...

We are also thinking of using OBS (open boardcast service...) Have you got any experience or knowledge of it?

While I'm there just out of curiosity... Is it possible to recreate a pride March on second life with 1000 individual avatar.... So far i haven't been able to log on to second life.... Long time ago I had friends how had a band on second life call RED ZONE... In theory you could have an avatar and go and see their performance... The only thing a could manage a the time was to see a recording on YouTube.... This is not exploding cinema related... Just something to get me going...

Thank for you time and patience

A plus

David viey.

PS: when you submit you film, if your is put in the show the programmer will get in touch with you otherwise the film go in the queue....

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Hi and thank you for this - what format should the film be in, what acceptable lengths, etc.? Any info greatly appreciated!

Best, Alan

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Isolation Inspiraton!

Exploding have moved the 9th May show from the Cinema Museum (closed for the duration) to the wonderful world of Online…

We will be hosting a show featuring films submitted to us by YOU the filmmaker. Show us what you can do, given a camera and hours and hours of time indoors, or else send us a film you made from way back before life turned into a bad dystopian Sci Fi novel.

Send films and entry requests to the usual email explodingcinema@hotmail.com . Tickets are free, but you’ll need a password to watch the show.

We’re going to have some fun with this… look for live streaming versions of: our psychedelic Visuals, Filmmaker Q&As, live performances and of course FILMS.

All pre-rendered to play perfectly on your device…

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