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Perhaps being overly optimistic and hopeful this Earth Day -- wishing a good one to all -- but the pro-climate-policy articles in FA's May/June issue, from both the left and right sides of the US political center, may be a reasonable cause for hope.  

One can hope anyway!  πŸ™‚

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How should a Republican or a Democratic administration incorporate climate action into U.S. foreign policy?
James A. Baker III and George P. Shultz, both former Republican secretaries of state, outline with Ted Halstead the undeniable strategic advantages of U.S. leadership in the global fight against climate change. The stakes are high: β€œThe winner of the emerging clean energy race will determine the economic and geopolitical balance of power for decades to come.”
John Podesta and Todd Stern, who handled climate issues in the Obama administration, argue that climate must become the central organizing principle of U.S. foreign policy. β€œA new president who sees the climate threat for what it is could make a game-changing difference,” they write. β€œIt is late in the day, but not yet too late.”
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