I was very happy to see my looped lockdown video series Nowhere to Run  published by Live Art Club Online alongside some fascinating work on the lockdown/isolation theme. I shared a small taste of this work with you, and now here it is in context with itself and other items. 
Someone here on netbehaviour said they liked the bath legs best. How do people navigate searching for past posts on here? Past comments remembered but not who made them? And of course not the exact wording, which would help in a search. Do I just let it go because it doesn't matter who says what as it's all just information? Anyway, I wanted to say, that the Live Art Club online seems to have felt the same as whoever said they liked the bath legs better, because they posted them twice.
On some devices all the videos can run simultaneously and to see all the lockdown legs wiggling simultaneously  it a source of great satisfaction to me. 
I hope this sounds intriguing not simply bizarre. Here is the link: https://liveart.club/April