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Dear Netbehaviourists,

This Monday starts the two week long Open Publishing Fest.
We (the group constallationss) organise a reariting session in this frame on the 27th at 21h Paris time, in which you can participate..
The session will concern a before unknown text related to the book “Thought in the Act” by Erin Manning and Brian Massumi.
It will start in Jit.si with a 10 min long explanation and attunement.
Then the participants will go to a collective writing framapad where they will find a link to the selected text that they start reading individually. On the framapad they will write their notes, reflexions, digressions - the ones through the others - and read and react to those of the other participants.
After one hour of reariting we will shortly reconnect in jit.si to discuss the process.

This is not about producing a text together, but about using reariting as a technique to think through a text together.

We can only host max 12 participants. If you are interested please reserve your place by emailing me.

Info on our reariting/constallationss : https://constallationss.hotglue.me/?OPF
Info on Open Publishing Fest : https://www.openpublishingfest.org/
The methodology of constallationss : https://constallations.hotglue.me/?methodologie

You will be welcome.

ps there is a licriture in French on the 20th - if you speak French, you can join that one too.

Screenshot_2020-05-15 start.png

20 mai 21h & May 27 9pm CEST
Open publishing Fest licriture/reariting avec/with constallationss
Info FR & ENG https://constallationss.hotglue.me/?OPF

Published: Abrahams, Annie. #PEAE Participative Ethology in Artificial Environments, Electronic Book Review, May 3, 2020.

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