hi everyone,

next week there will be two performances of "Jeux de Massacre" in UpStage, at 9am and 9pm UK time (find your local time here - this is the first performance, add 12 hours for the second). https://upstage.org.nz/?event=jeux-de-massacre

In 1970, absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco wrote Jeux de Massacre (known in English as The Killing Game or Here Comes a Chopper) – a dark comedy in which the plague ravages a small town and everyone dies. As a new pandemic overwhelms the globe and people rush to isolation and internet communication, it seems appropriate and timely to translate this work from the stage to cyberspace. Christina Papagiannouli (UK/Greece) has teamed up with Clara Gomes (Portugal), Helen Varley Jamieson (Germany/Aotearoa NZ), Miljana Perić (Serbia) and Vicki Smith (Aotearoa NZ) to produce Jeux de Massacre in UpStage and adapt it to current crises.

Performances take place on 9 July 2020 at 9am and 9pm UK time. Find your local time here (this is the first performance, add 12 hours for the second).

Please remember: UpStage does NOT work on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones (yet!), you must use a browser on a laptop or desktop computer. You may also need to manually allow Flash in your browser – see this page for information on how to manually enable Flash.


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