Cheers Johannes! Thanks for sharing it. It struck me that the final thing transcended in a number of interesting ways the original idea which had a quality of a ‘rather good wheeze’ about it, something light and fun and amusing. That remained ,sure enough, but there was definitely more...things about community and what it means to be a performer and also an extension, through Zoom, of the encouragement of ambient listening that was part of the original. A very liberating openness to the whole thing ...

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thanks Michael

rather wonderful and curious.  And I shared your link with friends and colleagues
(from music and theatre) who had alerted me last week to a streaming of Stockhausen's 6-hour
"Mittwoch aus Licht"  --  Birmingham's first staging of an opera that was previously considered unstageable;  truly extraordinary and could be of interest. It’s being streamed on Saturday from 5pm....

you probably have heard of the helicopter string quartet, part of "Mittwoch aus Licht".
well it's in here........ (

they apparently flew it.

Johannes Birringer


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I just participated in this Zoom performance of Cage's 4' 33'' organised by the splendid Red Note Ensemble. I play sopranino recorder doubling mbira in the second movement .