So proud to announce the launch of a new magazine on poetry & the hybrid arts:
Chant de la Sirene--the Journal
Our first issue theme is "the Covid Duration."
Re-born out of an old blog into a beautiful new internet journal format (designed in the palette of ancient Roman fresco colors), this editing and design labor has given me a thrilling several weeks.
I thank the talented writers and artists who generously offered me their amazingly creative and varied Covid-Durational work for publication. Some of these poets and artists I tag here.
And what a few months it has been--for artists, for human history. As I suggest in my introduction, the multi-media arts have helped some of us endure the current pandemic and lockdown.
Read, see, watch at
Would love your feedback. Our facebook page is
Hope you find as much inspiration in the gorgeous work as I have.
Chant de la Sirène The Journal