Alan, your qin improvisation provided a lovely way to start my morning today.
I love the resonant space and percussiveness in your playing as well as the timbre of the instrument which has a mystical quality that induces a very meditative reflective state.


Roger Mills

Oceans between Sound, an album of online improvisation by Ethernet Orchestra, Pueblo Nuevo 2020

Author of Tele-Improvisation: Intercultural Interaction in the Online Global Music Jam Session. London: Springer 2019 <>

New chapter - Mills, R. (2020). Rhythm, Presence, and Agency: Defining Tele-Collaborative Space as a Site for Net Music Pedagogy. In Busch, T., Moormann, P. & Zielinski, W. (Eds.): Musical practices and virtual spaces, Munich: Kopaed (in process).

Lead researcher on Net Diaporas: Developing Cultural Practices through Internet Music Performance.  Iranian House of Music, Sydney.