Dear Annie and netbehaviourists

I do feel differently; I've had amazing exchanges with you and Johannes Birringer and many others, and I can't imagine these occurring on Facebook; the very phenomenology of the stream mitigates against that. I don't know what you mean by "old" "intellectuals" since a number of people on the lists are also young. The list isn't sex, but sex is and sex is a lot faster than a list. It's the idea of "old" that bothers me; on Facebook where I post, as I mentioned, I get numbers of likes or loves to an image, but texts aren't taken seriously.

Which for me reflects the whole intellectual apparatus of at least the US and possibly Europe - the need to be an academic or gallery- or magazine- affiliated. I have none of these and at ELO I felt for example as a total outsider. And that's a real problem. There are constant money issues, access issues, equipment issues, travel issues, survival issues, health issues, audience issues, etc. that are available if not taken for granted if you work at a university or tech company. Those issues dominate. My equipment is seriously poor at this point. God knows what happens in the rest of the world, where there may be no equipment at all. And these issues are fundamentally class issues: the intellectual class, old or not, is defined and siloed by its connections and potentials for connections. I wake up sometimes thinking critically and artistically I'm dead and why continue at all. And if I feel that way, again - God knows what happens in the rest of the world.

I don't read everything on mailing lists, but I take the time to at least skim. And when I do reply (and I will always reply if I can to you, for example), I'll do more than click stupidly on like/love/care/angry and other emoji (which I use as well) (and which are frankly insulting - someone takes the time to put up something that make take hours, weeks - and the reply is a click??

It's the stream stream stream stream stream which is NOT flow but inherently violent, sexist, racist, ageist, and anything else that excludes. Influencers bet on it: become part of the part or I WAS HERE BUT I DISAPPEAR. (maybe misquote from The Harder They Come).

As far as NFT goes, I agree with your remark; again it drains any real discussion re: violence, aesthetics, philosophy, sexism, racism, etc. .. It's party time; you can't think against the stream; the boat you might rock founders on it.

As far as Netbehaviour goes, I do hope discussion and presentation both pick up here. And I do NOT think it's an issue of age or intellectualism - but a need for ANYONE to have a space to think and discuss slowly enough within a space of consideration and considerateness...

Best, Alan, and thank you for the reply.

On Sun, May 30, 2021 at 11:55 AM Annie Abrahams via NetBehaviour <> wrote:
Dear Alan and netbehaviourists

I don't know why people write less in netbehaviour. Some hints: Email is not the favorite way of communication anymore. Information is toooo much everywhere, people tend to prioritise what is usefull. Etc etc. Mostly "old" "intelectuals" exchanging ... The list isn't sexy ...
I do miss the old mailing list where people discussed often without a fear to be ridicule, could ask stupid (what is that?) questions and get answers. But I  admit I also don't always take the time to read all.

Last week I posted a remark on a not to be mentioned social network " I hate NFT - and am bored by it - no real perspective for change, just assets - it is consuming my attention without giving me anything" and got more than a 100 reactions, by far the most ever I think. I read it all, got links to a multitude of articles I mostly had already read.
And still I can't really make up my mind about it.
Then I thought what I would need is not another article, nor a podcast or talk, but a real conversation about this. A place to exchange about it, a place where no-one tells me what to read, but carefully answers my stupid questions, and asks me questions ....
not an email exchange, but a conversation .... (that maybe could be done via email exchange ..., maybe...)
Such a thing is lacking! Especially in Covid times.

Bye bye
have a nice end of the day all

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On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 3:49 PM Alan Sondheim <> wrote:

I've noticed this, and many other lists, have gone mostly silent (except
for neighborhood lists), and I'm wondering if this has to do with the end
of many lockdown restrictions? Neighbors are taking care of neighbors, and
of course in-person contact has increased enormously.

The lists served two purposes during the height of the epidemic; in
addition to their stated content, they also upheld community. Now both
seem to have gone silent, at least for the moment.

Comments greatly appreciated

Best, Alan
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