Beautiful image and congratulations for the marriage and for the project!

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Hi, everyone,
Popping out of hypewrspace to share a little piece of a project.


If some of you were not aware, I was living in the UAE for the past five years. and recently returned to North America at Wnonza State inb Minnesota.
While out there, I met in person and married my Collaborator of over 10 years ago on Morehshin Allahyari’s :”My Day/Your Night” work, Negin Ehtesabian.

wHile we lived in Abu Dhabi, we began an ongoing project galled “Googled Earth” that is a series of works based on experiences of each other’s countries through Google VR/Maps, because at the moment, it is not feasible to be with each other in each other’s countries.

The project we are working on currently is based on taking maps of our childhood homes, schools, and places of residences around the world, and it is a stage of a collaboration we are doing for (a community based on considering the role of Expressionist thought in the Postinternet Age) we call “Googled Earth”
In this case I am taking. Map putlines from Googlemaps, reducing them to black and white and feeding them intothe GAN then reprocessing them. This is an image derived from Negin’s childhood home in Davoodiyeh in District3 in Tehran.

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