Dear netbehavourists
Please note this opportunity and share it with your networks or with performing artists keen to explore the use of creative tech to share and evolve their practice. Open Online Theatre seeks such artists for their cohort starting training in Nov 2021. 
This programme offers training in the science/art of Sensography: how to create work specifically for live streaming using 4- 8 cams/ VR/AR and a radical rethink of how to present live work, unlike traditional theatre forms which many companies are simply filming as is, and live streaming. We realise this is not making the best of available tech, and we would like to offer a new generation of upcoming artists relevant new skills and a chance to explore exciting creative possibilities. The course also offers business skills and mentorship for a sustainable independent career.
Here is an info link and application form.
Please share this as we (at IJAD Dance)  want to maximise the support we can give to artists.

Insta: @danielleimara