Hi Anthony!  I couldn't agree more.  The most common bridges here are over the Mississippi, and every time I cross one I think an appreciate thought about the river and thereby all water and all nature.  In this way the bridge means more to me, and something better, than just "I want to get myself from point A to point B with no distraction."  The bridges here also have backstory, as they do everywhere, so there's a tiny but meaningful dose of history and art to engage with during each transit.  In a way aren't they the same thing art is?  

I'll check out the reference too.  A former advisor of mine is also at UCLA so perhaps there is some mutual knowledge.  

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Ah yes, beyond Giaconda, bridges can be interesting. Chris Burden, my old teacher and advisor at UCLA, was working with bridges towards the end of his life: https://architizer.com/blog/practice/details/chris-burden/


- Anthony Stephenson