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Omicron Observatory VIDEO

constructed from all known information (virall)
unintelligent life automates self-observation
"From the foregoing we are able to conclude that there
is no composition in God."
"From the foregoing we are also able to prove that
God is not a body."
"From what has been laid down we are able to conclude
that God is His own essence, quiddity, or nature."
"From what has been said it is clear that the last end
of all things is to become like God."
"It is clear from the foregoing that things have a
tendency to be like God also in the point of their
being causes of others."
"Accordingly having proved that there is a first being
which we call God, it behooves us to inquire into His
(Quotes from Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles)

"The damn thing won't sit still."
"Vibration's got to be our own fault."
"Is that a tree in there or a genome."
"That probe seems to have a life of its own."
"Where the hell are we? Is this the same planet?"
"What's Mayday in RNA?"


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