dear netbehaviourists,

as we come to the end of another weird and wonderful year, i would like to share with you the results of my current collaboration, Mobilise/Demobilise.

we have just released the video documentation from the festival in october, which also launched the rebuilt UpStage platform. the video has been edited by suzon fuks :) three cyberformances were presented at the festival: "go go go" by schaumbad - freies atelierhas graz; "reMove" by teater interakt (malmö, sweden) and "repose" by vicki smith & collaborators (aotearoa new zealand). the video also shows some of the research and development:

the new UpStage is now live and beautiful; in february we will restart open walkthroughs - online sessions for interested people to learn how to use the platform. more info:

the project has been a lot of fun so far and has attracted a really great team of collaborators, including a 50% female development team :) Mobilise/Demobilise continues throughout 2022, so there will be more opportunities to see the performances live; & UpStage is there for other artists to use for their own projects as well.

wishing you all a peaceful & healthy festive season!

h : )


helen varley jamieson