2hours too late for me, unless the storm keeps me awake.

Flooding episode not finished yet! we had 2 days of respite...and week ahead with rain and storms. Sooooo many tears!



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   1. Re: reariting of the conversation by Rhea Myers & McKenzie
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Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2022 13:17:44 +0100
From: Annie Abrahams <bram.org@gmail.com>
To: NetBehaviour for networked distributed creativity
Subject: Re: [NetBehaviour] reariting of the conversation by Rhea
        Myers & McKenzie Wark
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Got a private email from Ruth asking me if it would be this Friday,

Yes it would be this* Friday March 4*. (16 h Paris time)
I hope some of you will write me too, because reariting is best when you
are at least 4. (for now there is just Ruth and me)

Reminder: reariting is about thinking and learning, trying to understand,
finding links, soft and blind spots, returning and kneading. It always
starts somewhere in the middle, and somehow never ends.


On Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 10:01 AM Annie Abrahams <bram.org@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I am sure some of you have seen this conversation by Rhea Myers &
> McKenzie Wark in Outland https://outland.art/rhea-myers-mckenzie-wark/
> I read it and am intrigued, but some things are very dense or formulated
> in a way that doesn't refer to what I know.
> Might there be some of you who want to think through this conversation
> via a reariting of it?
> *I would like to propose Friday March  at 16h Paris time. Please write me
> an email if you want to think with others on this subject.*
> Annie
> --------
> Reariting is the act of simultaneous reading and writing together on the
> Internet. Reariting is used as a technique to think through a text
> together. While we read the conversation, we will all use the same
> framapad to write our reactions and asides related to this text. Thus we
> explain and explore our understandings and misunderstandings of the text .
> --------
> *Thus the Reading Club manifests itself as a facilitator for a
> diffractive, distributed intelligence on-the-fly, creating text and
> relational patterns that do not depend on canons. It generates creative and
> unexpected ?outcomes?. These are, in my opinion, not so much the texts
> produced, as the ?diffractive moments? experienced by the reariters.*
> Diffractive Reading in the Reading Club, Annie Abrahams, 2019.
> https://elmcip.net/critical-writing/diffractive-reading-reading-club
> In the article with Emmanuel Guez: *The machinic author*, published in
> JCWS (Journal of Creative Writing Studies) we formulate it a bit
> differently:
> *She assists in an event that allows for diffractive moments (5) ? i.e ?a
> mapping of interference? which take her out of self reflexivity, out of
> systemised subjectivity, out of a world that only reproduces what it knows
> already into an intra-active diffractive worlding (6). The machnic author
> revealed herself as queer.*
> Abrahams, Annie and Guez, Emmanuel (2019) ??The machinic author? Artist?s
> Statement: The Reading Club?, Journal of Creative Writing Studies: Vol. 4:
> Iss.1, Article 8. ISSN: 2474-2937. Available at:
> https://scholarworks.rit.edu/jcws/vol4/iss1/8