This is wonderful!
In a way it does fit in, David Behrman was a member of the ONCE group, and in maybe 1967 or 8, he played trumpet as part of their concert at Brown University; his hands - fingers and joints - had sensors which produced a sonic environment, depending on their relative positions. I remember Ashley and Mumma were also part of the concert , it was amazing.

Best, Alan, thanks! -

On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 7:55 AM Daniele Minns via NetBehaviour <> wrote:
 I gave a presentation to music tech students at the SERG sonic arts forum at Aberdeen Uni. I spoke about my current project using limb-mounted sensors to create soundscapes. In case it's of interest, here's a link to the recording.
I think when people started to ask questions at the end it got more interesting. I was asked where my work 'fits in' and I can only think that it doesn't?
I am pondering this and other questions in a blog here:

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