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I'm happy to announce that we have a touristic bus ready to see the internet stuff around berlin.

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:~ Sat April 09 2022. 14.00h — 17.00h
Internet Tour. In search of the technical cloud in Berlin
6 hops max, 50 body packets, 180 min,

Produced by C/O Berlin
Curated by Kathrin Schoenegg
Eirik Sördal as tour guide

Part of the show Songs of the Sky. Photography & the Cloud. Dec 11, 2021 – Apr 21, 2022

Internet Tour site:

Internet Tours are based on the actual research of the local infrastructures that allow information to be constantly distributed, processed, generated, received. “Body packets” – a tongue-in-cheek term for actual human participants – embark on a properly marked motorbus that follows the trajectory of fellow data packets, but at a completely different speed. In an interesting take on Paglen’s proposition to “unlearn to see like humans”, urban geography and architecture suddenly start to provoke a different kind of gaze in the participants of the Internet tour, who are encouraged to grasp the possible traces of the invisible infrastructure of the Internet in an ordinary urban space. As the tour proceeds, a guide tells stories and anecdotes about how this infrastructure was made, including the struggles, dreams, mistakes, expectations and accidents that made it possible. As the participants are guided through suburban neighbourhoods, industrial areas, highways and even beaches, they start to realize their roles as planners, unaware inhabitants, involuntary protagonists or merely passive content in the story of network infrastructures.

Deciphering a networked planet, especially in a phase of dramatic exploitation and collapse such as the one we are living in, requires unusual vantage points outside of the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines, artistic or activist work, or professional practices. Traditional cartographies often imply a single point of view and an ordered representation of points on a layer, as seen from above. Experimental projects such as Santamaría’s are intriguing because they deliberately go against the grain of conventional or documentary mapping: firstly, they highlight the hinges and junctions between layers, instead of their smoothness; and, secondly, they twist their default temporal dimension.

Bani Brusadin
The Fog of Systems. Aksioma, Ljubljana, 2021.

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