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On Fri, 1 Apr 2022 at 14:41, Daniele Minns <> wrote:

I got quite excited about this and no-one else has! So I’m sharing it here in case it’s of interest to anyone but me. Wearing my 4 limb mounted sensors, I’ve mapped my movements so that certain directional movements toggle loops on and off: bass loop, piano loop and also FX on the bass. I found out that when I spin round and round they come in and out in a way that sounds more musical than expected. Though these are kind of ‘pretty’ loops I admit.

This happens because:

Right leg back and to the right: Bass loop toggles on/off

Left arm, right direction: Bass FX toggle on/off

Right leg right Direction: The pad is played by Right arm ‘Yaw ‘ (horizontal plane) so it’s continuous here.

And the pneumatic hose sound (Thank you Alan) is playing continuously.