Hi Corey,

It is good to see another image in this series today.  The old cameras are nice, and remind me of the Retina IIa I was using last week having found it in an old box.  I'm pretty sure I used it totally wrong, not reading the instruction book, but we'll see.  Dropping off the film today.

I purposely don't talk about it on the list but have a recent blog too at Leonardo.info/blog, called "The Mindful Mona Lisa."  I've converted it into two books so far, one using the blogs of 2020, one those of 2021, and the third and final this year's blogs.  For visuals I've been making my own copies of the ML in various media (on paper) which breeds both familiarity and tunnel vision, but also some absorption and fortunately so far not contempt.

For circuitous continuity of a questionable sort I'm referencing backward to past blogs for each chapter of this year's book.  This month's chapter references the below blogs which are kind of about image translation and transformation.  All very random of course, but using randomicity as a theme (which in the olden days they called "Fortune," a deity having a wheel, tiller, cornucopia, and other intriguing attributes with lots of artistic references over time).  

In any case, thanks for the post, hoping all is well, and no need to reply or discuss on list or at all if not preferred!

All best,




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For those interested in such things, this entry marks a process change, in that I used Affinity Photo on an iPad, rather than Photoshop on a Mac.